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This mattifying gel helps alleviate oily skin, while ensuring much-needed moisture for your face is retained.

Oil leviate regulates your sebum secretions, helping your skin feel less oily and in need of attention. It also ensures your cells are well moisturized and balanced, making your face feel smooth, healthy and quenched.

what's good

• Control oil & acne
• Sooth & hydrate skin
• Unclog pores
• Help remove blackheads and whiteheads
• Fade acne scars

Best for

Best for oily skin and all ages

How to use

1. Use Oil Leviate daily, morning and night, after treatment.
2. Pump 2 to 3 pea-size drops of Oil Leviate onto your palm.
3. Apply over your face and neck in up and outwards circular motions until fully absorbed.
4. The content of the product can be used for 12 months after opening.
5. The product lasts up to 3 months until completely used.

how to use squeaky clean


key ingredients

bisabolol Bisabolol:
• It has a soothing or calming effect on sensitive skin.
grapefruit fruit extract Grapefruit Fruit Extract:
• Controls oil
• Anti-oxidant
Purified Water (Aqua), Potassium Azeloyl Diglycinate, Propylene Glycol, Grapefruit (Citrus paradise) Fruit Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Diazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben, Bisabolol, Propylparaben


  • Selina:

    feel good using this product, worth to buy.  

  • Wan Wen :

    Texture of this oil control gel is watery and easy to absorb into skin. After apply my skin do feel matte and not oily. Usually my face is oily within an hours after cleansing. Bliv moisturiser is the only watery among my others moisturiser which creamy or thick gel texture which makes me feel oily and the skin could not breath .  

  • ccy:

    Love Bliv product very much. It's always my first choice!  

  • Dhaya:

    I've tried so many moisturisers but nothing keeps my face as oil free as this, and it lasts quite long too, provided you don't stand under the sun for too long. This is the perfect moisturiser for those with combination to oily skin especially for those who live in tropical countries. I alternate this with soothe and matte and it works like a charm  

  • Nurin:

    i received this product as sample, and it worked really well on my skin. i noticed a significant effect on my nose as it is now matte and not oily and shiny after applying this product. i used this along with off with those heads and it helped reducing the oil that can cause blackheads.  

  • Adlyn Farizah:

    I used this product with got oil relief and it really works well together. My face is significantly less oily throughout the day (although with the humidity in Singapore, it's hard to get away from oil). It doesn't dry out my skin and I noticed my acne scars faded faster with continuous usage of this product. Please give it a shot, definitely worth the money as it really does what it claims! :)  

  • pang:

    i have got this sample, after used it still cant to control my oil. abit disappointed. (Remark: Please share your skin type and any skin condition for us to better advice you.)  


    Love this product. It really refice the oil production on my face.  


    Love this product on how it reduce the oily appearance on my face.  

  • Krystal:

    got this as a sample and after applying it for a few days, it seems to do what it says - control oil, helps eliminate blackheads & whiteheads and, lightens up the skin. will be purchasing the full size one as i think I've found a new HG!  

  • Michelle:

    i've got this for free sample due to my purchase of off with those heads. I'm interest in trying this product because it says it could also reduce acne scars. After finishing the sample, i realize my acne scars faded. Then i decided to buy the 30ml bottle. It absorbs fast into my skin. It also hydrates the skin and prevents it from becoming oily. For me, it lasts the whole day after applying it early in the morning. I am using this with squeaky clean so i am not sure which actually did the fading. However, combining this two products actually work for me and am happy with it.  

  • Michelle:

    i've got this for free sample due to my purchase of off with those heads. I'm interest of trying this product because it says it can reduce acne scar also. After finishing the sample, i realize my acne scars were faded. Then i decided to buy the 30ml of this product. It absorb fast into my skin. It also hydrates the skin and prevents it from becoming oily. For me, it lasts the whole day after applying it early in the morning. I am using this with squeaky clean so i am not very sure which actually did the fading acne scar effect on me. However, combining this two products actually work for me and am happy with it.  

  • Meggy:

    I received a sample of this products when buying off with those heads. My skin is oily- sensitivity. This product obviously can control my oily face without causing any irritation which I have suffered from lots of oil control products before. I'm really satisfied with this product.  

  • rachael:

    I tried a sample of this product. I have combination skin, oily for T-zone. Therefore I use it on my T-zone every morning and it will last till night~ Usually my T-zone got very oily at noon... I will buy this product after I finish my sample~ Bliv! You're awesome!  

  • Stephanie:

    This is a must use product during day time for me! After using this product for 3 years, it managed to control the sebum production on my face hence minimal blackheads, whiteheads and pimples formation!  

  • Fan:

    Amazing product for oily skin in summer! This gel has light texture, perfect for summer. I just apply it around my T-zone, and my nose can stay matte for the whole afternoon. Love it.  

  • Vanessa:

    This feels so light on my skin which is really nice because I have plenty of natural heavy oils. It does exactly what it claims to do - the dark spots from where my pimples were are clearing and fading, the amount of oil is controlled now that I've been using for several weeks and my pores stay unclogged. My skin looks more matte with this and I love using it within it's designed range. It works so well for my very oily skin type! I'll be re-purchasing more of this when the container runs out.  

  • Siri:

    I have been using this gel because of the samples I have received from bliv. After applying it, I feel that my face is indeed less oily and it doesn't make your face dry - thats the good thing about it. As for other properties like pore shrinking benefits or skin tightening, I haven't seen any results of that sort so far. But I will definitely continue to use it! Highly recommended to everyone with oily skin :)  

  • Carmen:

    This moisturizer is very good for Summer! My skin felt hydrated, soft, and brighten after using it. I like how it's non-oily, matt finish, lightweight, and absorb quickly.  

  • Nicola:

    Similarly to the serum, this comes out as a gel too. It is absorbed into the skin very rapidly and it doesn't feels sticky. My face felt soft and smooth right after applying this gel. Although it feels really nice applying this, but the oil control factor of this product disappoints me. It doesn't control my face's sebum production well, the oil control of this basically feels like any other moisturiser to me. Well, maybe my skin is just really extremely oily.   Read More

  • Jolie Chan:

    This product is more liquidly compare to "off with those heads". I was amazed how well this "Oil Leviate" controlled the oil on my face. Before i started using this gel, the oil on my face was just out of control, especially in this extreme heat and humidity weather im living in. After applying this product before leaving my home, i can definitely feel my face was a lot less oily after couple hours into the day. When you first apply on your face it also slightly tighten your skin, i think thats the secret of having a less oily skin! Great product!  

  • Steafany:

    i've got this for free sample due to my purchase of shrink tighten+ serum. I'm interest of trying this product because it says it can reduce acne scar also. It absorb fast into my skin so i could apply my bb cream afterwards. It also not make skin matte or dry so i think it also hydrate the skin and keep preventing it from become oily. However i never know how many hours it can control the oil because after using it in the morning i always wash my face during the day. My conclusion is it helps control the oil but not much helps for fades acne scar as promise.  


    This review was made by EWWITSNIKKI on youtube.   Read More

  • lissy:

    First and foremost i wanna thank B.liv for making my complexion back to normal. before using B.liv, my face is a oily, inflammated mess. i have tried so many products but all failed to curb my oiliness, pimples and redness which only B.liv products had managed to do. Oil leviate is a great moisturizer in terms of reducing facial oils however i find it a bit drying tats the negative point. but my face did not flake or get irritated from using this. so yea i will repurchase this defintely as its a holy grail for my oily skin nevertheless<3  

  • Kimoko (Singapore):

    ...I must say, this oil control gel (Oil Leviate) is really mattifying and keeps my face oil free for at least 7 hours. For US35, I'll say it is worth every single cent! Babes with oily skin and want to keep your oiliness at bay, you HAVE to try this oil control gel! ...   Read More

  • nadialje:

    i've just only started using oil leviate along with squeaky clean and off with those heads. initially, i didn't like how it was a gel because it felt odd on my skin compared to all my other lotion based moisturizers. but after a minute or so after application, my skin has never felt softer!  

  • Louise (United Kingdom):

    ...The formula for Oil Leviate is a clear gel with little scent. I love that this is a 2 in 1 product; mattifying and moisturising at the same time. Afterwards my face feels slightly tight (But I've always love that haha), clean and hydrated. This will also last quite a long time as two small pumps are needed for your entire face. Overall, I like Oil Leviate and there are no negative points....   Read More

  • Julie (Canada):

    This stuff is great. If there’s one thing that I will buy from B-Liv is this. I wear this as my morning cream and my face doesn’t feel as oily as before. I find myself using less blotting tissues throughout the day.   Read More

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