Skin Care Tips for Every 20-Something

Skin Care Tips for Every 20-Something

Skin Care Tips for Every 20-Something

Skin ages with you, but it can age faster when other factors come to play. It is never too early to start a proper skin care routine. Here are some tips, which hopefully will turn into good habits, for healthy younger-looking skin.

Tip 1: Do not go to bed with your makeup on
Our skin uses the time when we are asleep to recover itself. As our skin cells try to regenerate and exfoliate, makeup creates a barrier and this can lead to clogged pores, acne and many more problems.

Tip 2: Environmental factors
Environmental factors play an important role in our skin’s health. Main culprits are excessive sun exposure and smoking. If you happen to be a 20-something smoker who tans frequently, your skin may age at a faster rate than a 30 year old who doesn’t smoke or tan.

Tip 3: Apply sunscreen to protect against UV rays
Sunscreen protects your skin from the damaging UVA and UVB rays. Without proper protection, your skin can age prematurely and is at a higher risk of skin cancer. Everyone above six months old should apply sunscreen daily, even those who work inside a building.

Tip 4: Basic 3-Steps daily routine
1 – Cleanser, 2 – Toner, 3 - Moisturizer
Feel free to add on steps such as serum, essence and sunblock when needed.

Tip 5: Exfoliate
As the skin produce new cells, it is important to exfoliate to make room for these new cells as well as to prevent any congestion.

Tip 6: Food
The skin is a mirror to your internal health. If you do not eat the correct food at its proper time, it may create havoc and cause breakouts and reactions such as redness, itchy, etc. Therefore, your food and the time you eat plays an important role to ensure healthy skin.

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