Easy and quick ways to clear oily pores

Easy and quick ways to clear oily pores

Easy and quick ways to clear oily pores

Trying to prevent congested pores? Not an easy task when we live in a polluted environment. Our pores get clogged easily; making it possible for blackheads and acne to materialize often. Here’s some suggestions on how to keep those pores clear.

1. Cleanse your face with squeaky clean. This beads cleansing gel gently exfoliates and flushes out clogged materials in the pores to deliver a smooth skin texture.

2. Balance your skin’s pH level with got oil relief. This oil-control toner relieves the greasy sensation and at the same time, hydrates and balances your skin complexion. The end result? A radiant and glowing skin.

3. Apply off with those heads on the affected areas. This blackheads sebum gel deeply penetrates the pores to soften the blackheads and get rids of them naturally. In addition, it keeps excessive oil secretion under control and prevents further irritation and breakouts. Best of all, it is a painless ‘extraction’.

4. Last but not least, apply quench me, a lightweight moisturizer, to lock in the nutrients.

5. Use absolute matte twice a week to exfoliate impurities.

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