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oil control toner

130 ml

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This oil-control toner relieves you from greasiness, while hydrating and balancing skin cells in a single spritz!

Got oil relief makes sebum-ruled complexion a thing of the past by waging against oil secretion, helping you slip from oil-shine and be transported to a realm of glamorous chic! It deeply hydrates and balances your skin cells - so you'll soon afford others a wonderful "view".

what's good

• Anti-inflammatory
• Reduce redness & irritation
• Sooth, tone & moisturize
• Control oil
• Mattifie the skin
• Restore the normal pH level of your skin

Best for

Best for oily skin and all ages

How to use

Use 2-3 times daily to normalize sebum secretion and matte the complexion.
1.Wash your face with cleanser.
2.Spray 2-3 pumps evenly over your face and neck.
3.Apply your oil leviate for best results.
4.The content of the product can be used for 12 months after opening.
5.The product lasts up to 3 months until completely used.

how to use got oil relief


key ingredients

chamomile flower extract Chamomile Flower Extract:
• Reduces redness and irritations
• Strengthens the skin
witch hazel extract Witch Hazel Extract:
• Controls oil
• Anti-oxidant & astringent
• Moisturizes & tones the skin
Water (Aqua), Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis) Flower Extract, Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) Leaf Extract, Polysorbate 20, Fragrance, Methylparaben, Imidazolidinyl Urea


  • Athirah:

    Love this toner! The scent is good and it feels very nice when applied after wearing the Squeaky Clean cleanser. Best combo so far, although I've tried with Drench Me cleanser as well and no complaints there. I thought it would also run out fast but I've been using it for 4 months now (applied twice daily) and still got a quarter of the bottle left!  

  • Nurul:

    The way spray designed really saved my money, not need to buy cotton face .  

  • Wan Wen :

    The spray is very tiny holes makes spray easy to handle not too wet on face but is hard to feel that is spray even or not on my face.  

  • Selina:

    really good to use,the best oil control toner I've ever use!  

  • CCY:

    Good to use! Very convenient! Don't need to use cotton anymore since I use this toner.  

  • Yunice:

    It's so convenience, just spray directly on face. Easy to absorb and good smell.  

  • Louise:

    Comfortable and no irritated at all. Easy to use, just spray, it's convenient.  

  • Louise:

    It's quick absorbed by skin, no heavy smell, no greasy and oily. But it's no significant change on my face, so far, maybe its better to use with oil leviate (oil control gel) as suggestion.  

  • Sofia:

    user-friendly spray with good smell. just applied it on my face for a week and no breakout or any irritation so far. wanna rate it as 3.5 star  

  • pang:

    130ml is easy to finish.  

  • Lidia:

    This is a toner that is easy to spray onto your face without the need for cotton wool.. just spray it on and pat it into your skin.. it does help to reduce sebum from your face.. good buy!  

  • Krystal:

    got this toner for free when there was a promotion. didn't really work for me, didn't control my oil. giving three stars as it didn't cause my skin to breakout and didn't have any strong smell. maybe its better to use with Oil leviate as bliv's suggestion.  

  • Janessa Chia:

    You have oily skin just like me? Use this toner after cleansing your face with bliv cleansing gel such as: Squeaky clean / No spots bye dots! I have been using this toner for three weeks plus and now, I can see the huge and clear difference between using Got oil relief toner and other brands of toner. The most significant difference is, this product able to control my oily face very well and I don't feel as greasy and oily as before using this toner. * hands up for this toner, you should give a try! *  

  • Nurul Aida Nesa :

    After cleansing, you only have to spray 2-3 pumps, wait until it dries completely about a minute, and then apply any of serum/moisturizer that you like. No need to have cotton pads to apply as the usual toner does. As I have very oily skin, this helps a lot. Sometimes I treat this a a facial mist, which keeps me refreshed all day.  


    my work requires me to always stand under the sun. i love this because i just need to spray all over my face and neck and my face stay matte.  

  • Joycelyn:

    Just spray a little amount on my face and surprisingly my face is free from feeling oily for the rest of day. The solution can be easily absorbed by skin just within few seconds. Highly recommend to those having oily skin. :)  

  • Dao Ngoc:

    This toner is easy and fast to apply, i dont have to absord on cotton before using them like other toners. Also it 'got oil relief' on face effectively  

  • C.J.:

    This is a very good product for oil control. My face is always oily and now get controlled and I feel fresh when apply got oil relief on my face.  

  • Mary:

    I initially thought this product was going to be like the 'off with those heads' serum but its nothing like it. I have sensitive skin, and products easely irritate my skin. This toner seemed to irritate my skin, causing itchy bumbs also broke me out after 3 days. I guess this toner is better for those with very oily, non-sensitive skin. As for the redness-reducing claims, I think i saw a little bit of reduced redness but nothing dramatically. I give it 3 stars because it may just be my sensitive skin.  

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