Causes of Large Pores

Causes of Large Pores

Causes of Large Pores

Feeling unattractive due to repulsive large pores? Let’s understand how large pores came about. Once you identify the underlying causes, you’d be able to tackle them accordingly.

Clogged Pores
Under hot and humid weather, we tend to accumulate excess amount of dirt, oil and dead skin cells easily. The build-up of these grimes expands your pores; resulting in larger-looking pores on your face.

Aging is women’s biggest fear. As one ages, our skin will lose its elasticity and firmness. Our skin will look saggy and pores get bigger.

Sun Damage
As you grow old, you’d have experienced more sun damage to your skin. The long-term sun exposure makes your skin thickens, causing skin cells to gather around your pores and enlarging them.

Genetics & Gender
Like it or not, large pores can be inherited. You may be more prone to have large pores if one or both your parents have them.

Gender plays a role as well. Generally, men tend to have larger pores than women. Men secrete larger volume of oil and thus, have larger pore size to accommodate the capacity. Women, on the other hand, might experience enlarged pores more often during hormonal changes, especially during menstruation.

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