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large pores diminishing night complex

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This pore-diminishing night complex eliminates large pores, while ensuring your skin's firmness and brightness at all hours.

Shrink & tighten+ works its magic in the night to stimulate collagen production, to make sure your pores will always be out of sight. Its 10% L-ascorbic acid and cell regeneration nutrients firms your skin, brightens your complexion, leaving your looking flawless and absolutely healthy once again.

what's good

• Reduce the appearance of pores
• Promote a firming effect on the skin
• Unclog pores
• Heal damaged tissue
• Control oil
• Smooth & soften skin

Best for

open pores, all ages.

How to use

1. Use shrink and tighten+ daily, every night after cleanser.
2. Pump 2-3 pea-sized drops of shrink and tighten + onto your palm.
3. Apply over your face and neck using circular motions until fully absorbed.
4. Keep the product in a cool place or in the fridge and we recommend to use the it within 6 months after opening.
5. The product lasts between 2 and 3 months until completely used.

how to use shrink and tighten plus


key ingredients

10 10% L-Ascorbic Acid:
• Most effective form of Vitamin C
• Increases collagen synthesis for firming and pores tightening
• Brightens dull complexion
witch hazel extract Witch Hazel Extract:
• Regulates sebum secretion while minimizes open pores
• Soothes skin redness
• Anti-inflammatory
vitamin b5 Vitamin B5:
• Soothes, repairs and moisturizes skin
• Stimulates cell renewal
Glycerin, Water (Aqua), Ascorbic Acid, Witch Hazel Extract, D-Panthenol, Xanthan Gum, Methylparaben, Geranium



    i use this at night for almost a month and what i can say is that now in the morning my face looks fresher and make up goes on my face better. it does have like citrus & medicated oil smell and have slight hot stinging sensation but i would say this product does have subtle result and will need continous use.  

  • Sherry:

    This is in oil form. After applying, I feel a burning sensation on my face. I think that possibly, maybe my face is too dry. I try the shrink and tighten+ again after immerse me on next day and no more burning sensation.  

  • fish:

    its been two weeks of using it together with off with those heads, gosh its too good, highly recommended. my pores on my nose get smaller, will continue using it to see the best result for my coming cny!!hurray  

  • CCY:

    Strong smell, a bit irritated. I think it consider as a good product, quick to absorb.  

  • Yunice:

    Just start using, it seem like ok, and make my skin bright  

  • Louise:

    Smell a bit strong. A bit irritated, because i got a very sensitive skin. Easy to absorb and no oily. Shrink my large pore a bit, so far, will keep using.  

  • Wan Wen :

    I like this serum very much as after i apply at the night and morning the oily from the whiteheads is melt out. I can see pores is smaller after wash face. But for larges it takes times i guess. not that fast yet to see the effect.  

  • yun:

    Supper Efficient and fast delivery. I try the first bottle and it really help reducing my larger pores. My face turn fine and bright. I love this product so much!!! Plan to get the second bottle.  

  • scarlett:

    Super fast delivery and great product!! My second bottle!!  

  • Eve:

    Just started using this product, it is oil type serum & will fully absorp after a minute. Feel warm when apply it.Used this at night & shrink and tighten on morning.  

  • Nazratul :

    i love this for make my pores become smaller, it also make my skin brighter.  

  • Nikki:

    A very good product! Value for money.  


    Love this serum, after using it every night my pores do shrink but not completely closed that's impossible. But it makes my pores smaller.  


    This serum is working as what they claim. It really shrink the pores.  


    I love the consistency, it does not make my face oily or sticky. but, I can't the obvious effect after the application of this product. Maybe it need time..  

  • PooiYeng:

    I use this product at night, after my toner, and end my routine with a moisturizer. When I first started using it, I don't quite like it as it make my skin look oily. But after a minute, my skin fully absorb it. I notice my blackheads and whiteheads are finer. The best result is to use this together with Shrink and Tighten serum (day use). Include both of them in your beauty regime, and you have smoother skin in no time.  

  • Jasmine:

    I use this with off my these heads and it amazing. smaller pores and smoother skin. if i apple it on my neck it removes my neck wrikkle lines almost like one use. The colour will turn more yellowish as i used it, i hope it does not effects the quilty of the product. its quite oily but i think its okie cause i only use it at night.  


    I bought my first bottle at Sasa after hearing from my friend. After using every night for 3 days, my skin feels moisturize, smoother, brighten and pores shrinks. It really works wonder. Indeed a great product. Will try the other range as well. Simply thanks and love this product ............  

  • Sharifah Norafidah:

    Since I used bliv skincare, my skin is very moisture. My colleagues keep giving compliments on my face cause it is glowing from morning till end of office hours. I used it everyday and before go to bed. My pores also shrinks. I am in love with bliv. I also recommended my sisters to use these too cause when they see the improvement of my face they are eager to try it too! I used Drench Me for facial cleanser. Daytime, I used Refresh me toner, Quench Me gel and Get Off Those Heads. Before bed, for glowing and brightening effect in the morning, Shrink & Tighten+ and Submerge Me for skin booster. Got Me Covered is not produce anymore and I already used it for 2 years cause I managed to bought 2 bottles since last it was sold. It was good too for foundation and sunblock. Thanks bliv!  

  • Vivi:

    I love this serum, after using it every night my pores do shrink but not completely closed that's impossible. But it makes my pores smaller. Other than that, it also brightens my dark spots and also unclog my pores. This is my 3rd bottle!! I can't find any other serum to replace bliv shrink n tighten+ !!!  

  • Ana:

    I have been using this product along with "squeaky clean" and "off with those heads" every single day, non-stop, since November 2014, the results have been amazing. All my life I suffered for acne, one big zit from time to time and blackheads all over my nose and cheeks and forehead, especially during my period. Now, miraculously my skin looks healthy, clean, it even glows, for the first time in my life people actually say "you have nice skin" Please DON'T stop making this products!  

  • rachael:

    I bought this at the online counter in China, it is somehow the most oily product of bliv. But it won't cause any breakouts and you can tell the difference after around a week's usage. I was told that there is no product that can actually shrink your pores, it can only cover it for a while. But once I used bliv, I found the product that can actually vanish your pore! I'm a big fan of bliv products! I will change all my skin product into bliv!  

  • Fan:

    I use this one wit the off those heads serum together. This one is easy to absorb. But I think the serum works more. Because I can see my nose is now much cleaner than before, the blackheads are almost gone, but the pores are still obvious. But I think this maybe because that it takes a longer time for the pores to become smaller. I will try it for a longer time to see the result, and I believe it will work.  

  • LI:

    This product is recommended in a beauty forum and I bought it and have been using it for one month and half. It really works. Although it appears very oily, it feels very smooth , can be absorbed very quickly and moistens the skin.  

  • Chen:

    I obsolutely love it! I used to have serious acne problems around my face for years and I poped it all the time but I never really buy any skin care for shink pores because I am more concern about hydration so when I realise it I found I can't stand for it any more..The bottom is really small, I thought It probably last about a month, but now this is the end of second month and I havn't quite finish it...I really can see the result on my face, especially around my forehead and area near my nose. I tripple check it every day and I can see its actually shink it. Amazing..... But you need to very careful to place it cause if you spill it, it's gone..  


    This product is quite good, a little bit oily, but just 2-3 drops at a time. I'm use with the OFF WITH THOSE HEADS together, just coated it with a warm feeling, but soon absorbed; The second day wake up you will see very clean pore, also feel narrowed. Will insist on down.  

  • Dao Ngoc:

    I love this product and all BLIV products. They are all quickly effect, quickly absorbed by the skin. I used to have large pores and scars, now my skin remained 50% smoothie.  

  • Tina:

    Great stuff. I will buy it again.works good on the pores.  

  • Cat:

    I highly recommend this product. Looks very oily, but, quickly absorbed by the skin. I will keep using it with "off with those heads", hopefully one day my pores marks can disappear.  

  • Lastname:

    it's very good for big pore i just use for half a month my skin is better before i love it  

  • sheng:

    Shrink and Tighten+night time treatment After continuous usage for 10 days, I can actually feel that my T-zone and sheer is much smoother than before. In fact, when I looked in the mirror, I’m actually amazed with what it has done!!  

  • LH:

    I use this product with off the black head at night. I've applied for about 2 weeks. I can see some change for my face. The large pores in T zone and nose are smaller, and I can figure that the skin is silk than before. The oil is oily, but it will not lead acne. Love it very much.  

  • CiCi:

    I bought this product with "off with those heads". This product works like a magic on my face. I have large pores issue for a decade because of the blackheads on my nose and cheeks. Though I tried a lot of products to minimize my pores, from toner to serum, among these, this one is my favorite. After using it for a week , I can see the changes of my pores on my nose and my cheeks. The pores keep shrink a little bit everyday. Now i use it every night after using off with those heads. It is like massage oil, one small drop on each of my cheek and one drop on my nose, then i circle it on my face until it is absorbed. When I wake up the next morning, pores are just magically smaller. I will keep using it with "off with those heads" , hopefully one day my pores can become invisible.  

  • Elsa:

    I really think that you need to use this product together with the other shrink + tighten serum to see the effects. On the first two nights, my face feels warm with tingling sensation and it is like 'massage oil'. After few second, it was absorbed by the face, and i felt the face is tight. What surprise me is my face is not oily at all on the next morning and also it's still tight and bright. It really give the effect as it promised, realize the pores are smaller as well. This is quite expensive for such a small bottles thing, but if it provides good effect, i will still continue using it.  

  • Carmen:

    Bought this because of it's good reviews on how it can tighten pores, brighten and leaves skin soft. Used it for 4 evenings, having break out like crazy! It is basically just oil to me..., I'll have to stop using it :(  

  • The Sunday Girl (United Kingdom):

    Shrink and Tighten Plus is the night time treatment which is best applied with the fingertips but do be careful as the rubber dispenser is not the most secure and can leak rather easily. The treatment itself is thin and has the consistency of water with a strong chemical type scent. When you apply this to the skin it tingles which is a little off putting initially as I associate tingling with the first sign of my skin having an allergic reaction but luckily that was not the case.   Read More

  • Robb Chew (Malaysia):

    Shrink and Tighten+ is a special product the team from Cellnique picked for me. It is special concentrated pore-diminishing night complex sebum which eliminates large pores, while ensuring our skin’s firmness and brightness at all hours. It works its magic in the night to stimulate collagen production, to make sure our pores will always be out of sight. It’s most effective if you use it nightly and it’s pretty simple to use it too! All it takes is a few drops and you’re set for tighter pores on your face and you don’t need to worry about your clogged pores anymore. In addition, it also repairs your weaken skin protection barrier as your age goes up (something we can’t avoid. T_T ) When I applied it to my T-zone, it was a little sensation due to the fact of my clogged pores and some sensitive skin, but it was all good when the sensation stops. After continuous usage for 3 to 4 days, I can actually feel that my T-zone is much smoother than before. In fact, when I looked in the mirror, I’m actually amazed with what it has done!!   Read More

  • Jolie Chan:

    Shrink + Tighten came in a small glass bottle. The liquid in it wasn't full, but i'm sure there were 30ml. This product is oily and it has a bit of honey smell to it. I only used 4 tiny drops to completely cover my face and neck. This product also gave me a tingling sensation at first just like "off with those head", which i love. The next morning, my face felt so smooth. Awesome product fo rmaking me beautiful!  

  • Steafany:

    After tried the bliv off with those heads product and turns good on me, the next problem on my skin is large pores. I decided to try this serum and bought it online in this website. The package came fast, good delivery :), but when i opened it i found yellow stain on the bottle label and the contents also really really unexpected -.-'..haha...maybe bliv must pack the proper bottle size for 15ml, since i can't measure the liquid, only can tell by the bottle size =P. However, it give warm sensation at first couple seconds and the result on my skin not overnight. After using for few days the result start in my forehead, the pores became reduce there. But not take much effect on my cheek or other big pores (scars). Right now i'm using the Intense Series from Cellnique that sent to me for free, i'll review it after my 1 month application on Cellnique's page.  

  • Sami:

    i just brought this product two weeks ago. i can strongly say that this is work. it do what it claim for. my pore are tightening and smaller. my skin feel very smooth and soft when i wake up in the morning. strongly recomemded  

  • Janice (Australia):

    ...Yes, this product is great for use at night because its too oily to be put on in the mornings. I love this stuff. It leaves my skin feeling oily right after I use it at night, but the next morning, my skin feels so soft and only 2 or 3 drops is enough for the entire face...   Read More

  • suninaugust:

    ...I bought a bottle from SaSa chain shop in Hong Kong. 1st bottle got fingerprints and dirt on the label of the bottle, and the tin cap is a bit out of its position. The volume of the liquid inside is less than half of the bottle.. i ex-changed another new one from the shop, The volume of the liquid inside is still less than i expected, will try to check the volumn of 15 ml should be, but i found i can remove the tin cap from the bottle without tearing it off, so i doubt if anyone has removed the tin cap to do something to the liquid inside, then put back the tin cap before selling them to the customers. Now, i am in doubt and thinking if i should apply this liquid on my face or not since not sure if the liquid inside the bottle now is the real thing or not...  

  • Emily (Singapore):

    ...Overview: Skin and Tighten+ elixir is slightly yellowish and gives a warm sensation after application. It stimulates collagen production at night which helps tighten pores and regenerate nutrients for firmer and brighter skin complexion After Use: This is an amazing night care. I apply 2-3 drops at night, a little goes a long way. The next morning, my skin feels firmer and my pores are visibly smaller too...   Read More

  • womenlovebeauty (Singapore):

    ...Shrink and Tighten+ - this clear silky non-oily treatment makes my skin feels warm with mild tingling sensation when I first apply it. It probably due to L-ascorbic acid that contains in it. My skin doesn   Read More

  • Vivian (Singapore):

    ...At night, I use Shrink and Tighten+ large pores diminishing night complex instead. She   Read More

  • TeyCindy (Malaysia):

    ...Shrink and Tighten+ is my SUPER SUPER SUPER FAV amongst all because i can see the result overnight! It   Read More

  • Emily (Canada):

    ...Shrink and Tighten+ is my FAVORITE product out of the 5 that was send to me. I have some large pores around t-zone area and I was really exciting to see the difference that it made after a month. My pores are visibly smaller and dark spots were lighter. Check out the photo... This is the strongest smelling product out of the 5 that I had received, but it's not unbearable. There will also be a light sensation when you first apply this product, however once again, it's not unbearable. The only down side that I see with this product is the price. This small bottle cost $49 USD (On sale now for $41 USD). Yes, it works and yes, I'll continue to use it. But it is still expensive. I do want to try out the Shrink and Tighten Serum from the same purple collection, which is for the morning...   Read More

  • Kay (United States):

  • Phoebe (Australia):

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