What causes congested pores?

What causes congested pores?

What causes Congested Pores?

Our pores is a way out for dirt from within. Beneath the skin are glands called sebaceous glads which produces sebum, an oil excretion that binds together dead skin cells and other dirt and excreted through the pores. Besides expelling grimes, sebum also helps to keep skin well moisturized and protected on the surface. Generally, overproduction of sebum leads to congested pores. When sebum production goes into overdrive, it can result in comedones and, in more serious cases, acne.

Hormonal changes can also trigger excess production of sebum. Congested pores and acne are common in adolescents as their hormone levels fluctuate around puberty.

People with congested pores and acne usually have an irregular accrual of dead skin cells around the follicles. Other factors that can cause congested pores are makeup and pollution.

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