General FAQ

Common FAQ under payment

1. Is my payment secure?

All your personal and financial information is transmitted using the protocol over a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), all your information is protected by SSL with full authentication, and capable of 256-bit encryption with lowest possible encryption level of 128-bit protection for 99.9% of users even with older browsers and browser recognition of around 99%. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our IT support


2. Why was my credit / debit card declined when I know for certain that I have the funds available? How do I resubmit my payment?

A credit card charge can be declined due to an incorrectly-entered credit card number or expiring date, a daily limit, insufficient credit or other reasons. If the information you submitted was correct, then the reason could be that your bank or credit card company simply did not authorize us to charge the card. Here is what you can do:

  • Log out from our sites, make sure you are logged in and your shopping cart is being saved. Closed your browser and reopen after few minutes. Login to your account and complete the shopping process again.
  • If your credit card is still declined, please contact your credit card company as soon as possible and let them know you placed an order with b.liv, and find out why they would not authorize our sites to charge your card.
  • After they have re-authorized the payment, complete the payment process.


3. How do I know if my payment is approved?

Once your payment is approved and received by us you will receive two emails:

  • Sales Receipt from the payment gateway used for the purchase transaction.
  • Order Notification from
  • Alternately, you may go to My Account under My Dashboard, your new order status under “processing”. You may check your order status from here.


6. What happens if I did not receive any sales receipt or order notification?

In this case there are two possibilities:

  • Your payment is still under review
  • Your emails went into Junk Mail box. Kindly save under your address book to receive our emails in your Inbox.

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