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spots got shot

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Blast those pimples away with Spots Got Shot! As an intensive acne treatment serum, it dries out zits, soaks up excessive oil, prevents acne from reappearing and speeds up the normal cell healing process. Its anti-acne and helps scars to fade out, leaving you looking vibrant and healthyl!

what's good

• Treat acne
• Unclog pores
• Exfoliate skin
• Control oil
• Has a brightening effect on skin
• Anti-oxidant
• Anti-bacterial

Best for

Best for acne-prone skin, teenagers and adults.

How to use

1. Use Spots Got Shot daily, morning and night, after cleanser.
2. Tip on the affected area.
3. The content of the product can be used for 12 months after opening.
4. The product lasts up to 3 months until completely used.

how to use spots got shot



key ingredients

salicylic acid Salicylic Acid:
• Controls oil & treats acne
• Lightens up the skin
• Fades scars
• Exfoliates skin
lactic acid Lactic Acid:
• Exfoliates skin
• Controls oil
• Unclogs pores
• Fades scars
zinc pca Zinc PCA:
• Controls oil
• Deeply hydrates skin
• Softens & smoothes skin
Purified Water (Aqua), Cetyl Alcohol, Butylene Glycol, Disodium Lauriminodipropionate,Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Phosphates), Trimethylpentanediol/Adipic Acid Copolymer, Cyclohexasiloxane, Cyclopentasiloxane, Glyceryl Stearate, Lactic Acid, PEG-40 Stearate, Dimethicone, Glycerin, Glyceryl Stearate SE, Zinc PCA, PEG-10 Stearate, BHA(Salicylic Acid), Polysorbate 80, Sulfur, Propylene Glycol, Diazolidinyl Urea, Disodium EDTA, Methylparaben, Propylparaben.


  • bella:

    It really helps to fade away the acne scar.  

  • mihki:

    This cream is really useful. I bought it as i had a really big acne and tried a diff pimple cream product which ended up being worst and getting bigger. Luckily i got this quick enough and delivery was fast! Use it and in 2 days it recovers alot. Really thankful for it!  

  • Nurul:

    The best product and it really helps when having menstrual period, my face will growth 2-3 ance.  

  • Ally :

    Great for acne, love this product :D  

  • Meng Yee:

    I love this product. My face has many red spot and as i used this product. I can see changes on my face. This product highly recommended.  

  • Helen:

    Works great on acne. It is a small bottle, but only use a very little amount on acne. One bottle last for pretty long time. Will repurchase again!  

  • Fan:

    This spot treatment is working on my acnes. I sometimes have acnes on my forehead. I apply it after the toner, twice a day. For 2 or three days, the acnes are becoming dry and smaller. And it is absolutely OK for sensitive skins if applied to some area. Highly recommended.  

  • Galyna:

    Не совсем поняла это средство (покупала по акции вместе с blackheads sebum gel). Но с покраснениями вроде справляется нормально плюс очень экономный расход.  

  • K:

    + 15ml seems very little, but turns out you don't need a lot for a single use even if you're applying it to a moderately large area. Of course though, I'd still prefer it if it came as a higher quantity for the same price. - Results are VERY gradual or almost none, depending on how you see it. I've been using it for a little over a month and there is improvement but very little. I'm not sure whether that little change was just because of time or the product. + The texture is nice, white-ish, non-sticky. - The smell is a bit (unpleasant) weird, but only a little, not sure how to describe it, it doesn't last long anyway. + The serum never caused irritation, I don't feel anything after applying it. So no stinging feeling either.  

  • Zhang:

    very good for spot treatment !!! highly recommend for acne treatment  

  • Fiona:

    Spots got shot is amazing. It is unlike any pimple cream I have used before. There is no redness or dryness. I haven't had any terrible spots since I started using this serum. It smells a little funny but I don't care as it works like a dream.  

  • Betty Girl Makeup:

    This is supposed to "speed up the normal cell healing process", yet EVERY review says "be patient, it takes a while to work..." (1 - 2 weeks!) Well, then that doesn't sound like it works to me! It means it doesn't work and your acne cleared up on it's own and with regular face washing. O.o Well, suffice it to say, this did not work for me either. This has an earthy smell (some of you might not like it) ,which I didn't mind at all, it absorbed into the skin really well and didn't leave a weird or heavy film on my skin. I put this on really small blemishes, small reddish blemishes and zits that were more pronounced. After using only this product to treat my acne for several days, my blemishes didn't get any better. There was no visibile result, especially in the redness, after two days. Even after three days. This product is supposed to speed up the cell healing process. I should've seen a change in as little as at least two days because even with an OTC benzoyl peroxide acne treatment, my pimples would've dried up within that time frame (even after one day I would've seen a difference). This product actually clogged my skin. When I went to see my astetician at the end of the summer, she was surprised at how clogged up my pores were. The only thing I changed was switching to this product from what I usually use which is her prescribed BPO (benzoyl peroxide). I would not recommend this product.   Read More

  • Mary:

    I have been trying at least 6 skincare products in the past 2 years but really, none works on my sensitive/combinational skin. For years, my face keeps growing large pimples and they keep coming back after healed. The scars makes my skin looks very unattractive. So I came across Bliv product through Facebook and I decided to give this product (spots got shot) a try after read the positive reviews on the web. I received the product delivery real fast in Aussie, very satisfied with the service. Now, I've been using Spots Got Shot for 2 weeks and it really impressed me as when i apply the serum on my pimples, the serum seals the wounds of the pimples and the next day, the pimples size, pain and redness are reducing greatly. The most important thing is, i apply the serum all over my face and apply more on the big pimples, the serum does not cause my skin to allergy, dry or even oily. The serum is just nicely absorbed by my skin and day by day, the scars on my face is fading away which makes me really happy. I have just ordered and received another Spots Got Shot this morning and if you are looking for a good and effective product for pimples/blemishes, I encourage you to give this a try. ;)  

  • Shirley:

    I've been using this for about 2 months and I'm enjoying it so far. My acne on my face suddenly flared up so I used this hoping it'll reduce them after nothing else worked. And it worked well! My acne has gone away, although it's still around, but it's gone down a lot since I've started using it. My skin did get a little dry, but that's expected with all acne products. Will be buying again!  

  • Bhumika Thakkar:

    Spots Got Shot is so gentle and mild..and it works ! It does what it claims..only the process is gradual..so do have patience..but it definitely works without irritating the skin..   Read More

  • Ponyo:

    I never had spots even as a teenager. But when I had a batch of zits bursting out of nowhere around my chin area, I was completely clueless. I had never had experience with pimple creams and didn't know what was good in the market. Since I've had a very good experience with b.liv I decided to check out their acne products. I ordered this online and received it in less than a week in Dubai. Along with a free sample. Nice. The product itself was easy to use and handy. I put on a huge blob on each zit (enough to cover the pimple) everyday after cleansing my face. The effect was quite rapid. The next day the original swelling subsided and it was not painful anymore. There was no scarring and the subsequent redness took a few weeks to heal but after a month there was no need for concealer anymore. Pretty good. Overall quite effective (almost overnight relief of pain and swelling) and no scarring. The redness do take a while to disappear though, depending on the nature of your skin. I wouldn't be looking around for a better blemish cream after this. This seems to be good for me. I've heard of some creams that can be very drying and there was no such effect on me.  

  • Julaiha (Singapore):

    It has this funny medicated sulphur-ish smell which at first kind of turned me off, but after a while it's fine and it will fade off by itself :) I tend to pat the product into the skin rather than rub it in, I realised it works better that way. This is not a miracle product i.e. you will wake up the next morning with baby-soft skin but it takes more time than that. I had redness around my cheek areas and it took about a week or two for me to realise that the redness is reducing. I'm not sure if my skin reacts slowly to salicylic acid or whatever, but that was what I noticed. I really liked the nozzle-tip, it's really sanitary that way and you get a precise amount on your finger. But I screwed the lid on tightly once and the nozzle tip is not split in half :( So you'd have to take caution there!   Read More

  • Hazelhearts (Singapore):

    ...Spots Got Shot dries up blemishes but retaining your skin moisture; hence blemishes will disappear without leaving a mark. I was surprised that Spots Got Shot didn  

  • Emily (Canada):

    ...Spots Got Shot is my new blemish fighter! When I break out, I have really stubborn blemishes that will last for a week or even longer. And the worst part is, that most of my pimples will leave a mark. I have tried almost everything possible to get rid and to prevent my breakouts, but nothing works. However, this is going to replace my current blemish cream. I will add that even though this product helped in reducing my blemishes, it did take a long time to see its effects. However, my skin is weird like that and it takes my skin a long time to get use to new products. I was 3 weeks into using this product before I started to see the results. What I really like about this is that even though it fights acne, it does not leave your skin feeling dry. Unlike most acne cream, this has a really fresh smell to it. I would actually say this for all the products that I had tried from b.liv. Everything is very moist and really soothing for my skin, which I really liked. Also, this product has also helped in reducing the scars left behind from past blemishes. But once again, it is a slower process. Thus, I'll continue to use this product...   Read More

  • Giang Tran (United States):

    ...Spots Got Shot is the product is a gel-like consistency that dries clear and doesn't make your skin feel tight or irritated like benzoyl peroxide does...it has a slight, salicylic acid smell, but it goes away after it sets on the skin...you only need a little bit to apply on each problem area because a little goes a long way I RECOMMEND THIS FOR NOT JUST FEMALES, BUT FOR MALES, TOO! my boyfriend tried some and it worked the same for him! So after three applications of it...night, morning and night again i had amazing results..by the time it was my gf's birthday the zit was dried up and with foundation on top..you couldn't even see it!...   Read More

  • Nicola (United Kingdom):

    Spots Got Shot is a serum applied to blemishes when needed in order to aid the removal and healing of spots gently in order to avoid acne scarring. Similarly to No Spots Bye Dots, Spots Got Shot is much gentler than other spot treatments I have tried, it caused no irritation or drying to my skin and has a slight almost medicinal scent.   Read More

  • Adriyah (United States):

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