Myths about skin care

Myths about skin care

Myths about skin care

Don’t we all love to share exciting stories over coffee, especially when it comes to skin care myths? We might come across some that worked so well for others, and not so well on ourselves. Let us demystify some of the myths that have been circulating.

Myth 1: Tingling skin means you’ve found your perfect skincare. Yay!
Fact: The tingling sensation on your skin is a sign that your skin is responding to irritants that has penetrated. The irritants can come in the form of preservatives, fragrance and colorants contained in the skincare. Tingling can also mean that your skin is in dire need of hydration.

Myth 2: It is advisable to switch skin care brands every few months as the skincare may be ineffective by then.
Fact: Skin does not and will never adapt to skin care products. In the initial stage, your skin absorbs the nutrients it needed to get to a healthy level. Once it gets to an acceptable condition and stabilizes, it already is imparting a healthy looking skin. Thus, you see more changes at the beginning compared to the differences after a few months.

Myth 3: Oily skin needs moisturizer.
Fact: All skin types, especially oily skin, need moisturizer to protect skin from trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL). Skipping moisturizer may lead to more oil secretion and worsen the current skin condition. What it doesn’t need is extra oil. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use water-based moisturizer.

Myth 4: Shower helps dry skin to stay moist.
Fact: This is simply not true! In fact, our skin experiences water loss when we shower for too long, especially under hot water. High water temperature causes the dilation of blood vessels which results in water loss on our skin’s outer layer. Keep showers down to 5 minutes and use lukewarm water.

Myth 5: It’s cloudy, there’s no need for sunscreen.
Fact: Cloud and rain does not absorb UV rays very well. UV rays are still able to penetrate on gloomy or rainy days. There’s no way you can avoid sun rays, unless you’re under the shade. We still recommend sunscreen all the time, except bedtime.

Myth 6: I’m too young to care about aging.
Fact: Skin starts losing collagen at the age of 25. That means aging starts then. Still think you’re too young to care about aging?

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