drench me

drench me

moisturizing cleansing gel

130ml per unit

in stock

This moisturizing cleanser frees your face from impurities, while ensuring your skin's much-need moisture never flees.

Drench me is a balm for faces soiled and dry, as it washes away dirt and dust - while keeping skin supple and moist. Its antioxidant properties keep aging signs at bay, and its water-binding ability keeps you hydrated all day.

what's good

• Cleanse & hydrate skin
• Long term, deep moisturizing
• Encourage cell renewal process
• Antioxidant

Best for

For all skin types and all ages.

How to use

1. Use Drench Me daily, morning and night.
2. Pump 1 to 2 pea-sized drops onto your wet palm and lather with water.
3. Apply over your face and neck in up and outwards circular motions.
4. Rinse well with lots of water.
5. The content of the product can be used for 12 months after opening.
6. The product lasts up to 3 months until completely used.

how to use drench me


key ingredients

Aloe Vera Extract Aloe Vera Extract:
• Anti-inflammatory and encourages wound-healing
• Moisturize and nourish the skin
Green Tea Extract Green Tea Extract:
• Antioxidants - intercept free radicals and ward off signs of aging
• Moisturizing and soothing
seaweed extract Seaweed Extract (in the form of Carrageenan Extract):
• Skin hydrating, moisturizing and nourishing
• Cell regenerating and repairing
Water (Aqua), Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Propylene Glycol, PEG-8, Acrylates Copolymer, Cocamide DEA, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Diazolidinyl Urea, Fragrance, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Sodium Hydroxide, Chondrus Crispus (Carrageenan), Lactic Acid, Methylparaben, Citric Acid, Propylparaben


  • Tasya:

    i really love this product because it really moisturizes my dry skin. Unfortunately it's quite hard to but this product here in Indonesia because this product is not yet available in offline stores.   Read More

  • Athirah:

    This cleanser has a very nice smell, it's honestly amazing. When combined with water and rubbed on your hands, it becomes foamy and makes your face very soft after application. I love the feeling during and after applying it on my face as my skin feels very soft and it keeps my skin hydrated as well.  

  • Louise:

    Not so suitable for very oily skin like me, but feel hydrating after using.  

  • CCY:

    I don't know why it will give a bit itchy for first try. But moisturized.  

  • Wan Wen :

    This cleansing gel is very moisturize, after use i can feel my skin is smooth with a layer. It doesn't have any strong fragrance smell. I use this with shrink and tighten serum and submerge me booster. The next day I do feel comfortable than usual.  

  • Stephanie:

    My face usually feels quite itchy after using face wash but with this product i have no reaction at all which is very good. It leaves my face feeling very clean as well as soft and moisturised.  

  • Eve:

    Like it! Hydrated my skin, gentle & no uncomfortable tighten or dryness feel after used.  

  • Nazratul :

    it does moisturize my skin after washing my face and manage to control my skin from drying especially at the area under my nose and my chin  


    Bought this during the promotion. Really reasonable price. I love the smell & it really clean & moisturize my face.  

  • nicole:

    Just get it from promotional period with just RM16, although it's foam type, but it never caused dryness after use it. Refreshing cleanser ever, luckily I bought 2 in the same time!! I'm using BLIV product whole set now from cleanser to moisturizer, Thanks BLIV for giving me a chance to try all of your products with that price.  

  • Charina:

    I have come across this product when I was staying over at my friend house for 2 weeks. I forgot to bring my cleanser and I used her product. My face is usually very sensitive and dry. Surprisingly this product suit my skin, it become hydrated after using just a few days and I have purchased my own bottle now. Really love it.  

  • Arin:

    I've been using this cleanser for over a year. The result was awesome. It really suit my sensitive and combination skin. My skin felt clean and moist. Thank you b-liv!  

  • Doris:

    It's smell good and quite moisture for my skin, my skin become good after I using this moisturizing cleansing.  

  • albeekay:

    I've tried this product so much! I bought mine from Sa Sa and I've been loving it since the first time I've tried this product. My skin feels really smooth and it looks slightly brighter after I washed my face with this! I really love this and I love Bliv so much! xx  

  • Bellywellyjellybunny:

    I have tried countless products for dry skin, may it be a drugstore brand or those branded skincare products in the mall. Drench me by bliv is by far the most non-drying facial wash, affordable and it cleans well. Hooray to this facial wash.  

  • Winnie:

    I've been looking for few cleanser which suit me, cause i have sensitive and combination skin....until i met "drench me"....The result was WOW! is so refresh and not dry or too moisture become oily skin at all! That was so perfect! Finally i got a cleanser which suitable for myself.  

  • Mask Diva:

    Tried this facial wash once i got it today! Really love the smell and light texture. Love it even more after washing my face!!! My skin felt clean and did not have the tight feeling!!! Highly recommend this product, thumbs up for this one!  

  • CiCi:

    I only use this cleanser in the morning. Because this cleanser really did a good job on moisturizing my skin and made my skin supple and moist for the whole day long. It also helps to control my breakout. The smell is nice and the texture is soft and smooth. After using this cleanser, it makes my make-up last longer and more docile.  

  • Bhumika Thakkar:

    Its a super hydrating cleanser..I never felt any dryness or stretchy skin..it is so gentle...yet so refreshing..the pump dispensor makes it easy to work with..I can use it each and everyday..skin feels comfortable with this..   Read More

  • Kimterstege (Netherlands):

    ...This ultra-silky weightless gel cleanser frees your face from impurities, while ensuring your skin   Read More

  • WiseShe (India):

    ...This cleansing gel actually surprised me.I once swatched some 10 darkest of lipstick shade and after using it I was amazed to see that it didn   Read More

  • Beck's MakeUp Corner (Spain):

    ...This cleanser frees your face from impurities and ensures your skin moisture never flees. It has Seaweed, Aloe Vera and Green Tea Extracts. You can find this product under the category of Dry Skin, but I've tried it (I have combination skin) and it works great on me. It doesn't leave my skin oily at all and it relieves the dry parts of my face....   Read More

  • the-beautifool (Australia):

    ...I use this in the morning when I wake up.. or shall I say.. at noon since I've been waking up at 2PM every day and I really do like it! The after-feel feels sooo good! My skin feels so soft and smooth! After about 10 minutes of using this, my skin isn't as dry anymore, however is still a little bit flaky....   Read More

  • Tziaaa (Malaysia):

    ...my previous cleansers are always either unable to clean my face thoroughly or it almost peels off my skin leaving it terribly dry. I like DRENCH ME moisturizing cleansing gel pretty much because I am really surprise that my morning oils can be remove so gently with such small amount of it, leaving it squeaky clean yet retaining its moisture. So yea, I really do like it a lot because it makes my face feel so clean and refreshing! The price of this product is about the price of the one I am using now (L brand). I guess it   Read More

  • Charlotte (United Kingdom):

    ...A moisturising cleanser, Drench Me definitely lives up to its claims, after a single use my skin felt instantly hydrated. The sophisticated scent that makes me inhale deeply every time I wash my face, makes my experience all that more special....   Read More

  • skindeco (Malaysia):

    ...A hydrating gel cleanser containing green tree, aloe vera and seaweed extracts. Half a pump will give you lots of bubbles enough for the whole face, which is odd because most hydrating cleansers that I   Read More

  • Getgawjus (United Kingdom):

    ...Drench Me is a moisturising face wash which helps you keep your skin squeaky clean without stripping it off its moisture. I suffer from combination-dry skin due to which this is perfect for me. I usually find other face washes a bit harsh on my skin making it appear parched after. However this does not do that. My skin appears supple after use and its water-binding ability helps my skin retain moisture throughout the day. I like to use this as my morning face wash before I apply my make up. It contains Seaweed extract which has hydrating properties and green tea extract which has antioxidant properties. It also promises to brighten to skin which I feel it does and prevent it from aging, which I believe it will if it continues to work so miraculously on my skin....   Read More

  • Nee (Canada):

    ...Drench Me makes for a nice morning facial cleanser. It gently removes my morning oils and wakes up my skin with it's fresh citrus scent. It's a cross between a gel cleanser and a cream cleanser which I think is rather unique. My face doesn't feel tight or dry after using it. I don't recommend this product for removing makeup. It's not the best for that. ...   Read More

  • From skindeco.net (Malaysia) :

    Half a pump will give you lots of bubbles enough for the whole face, which is odd because most hydrating cleansers that I  

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