glow and shine

glow and shine

skin smoothening mask


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this exfoliating mask washes off the impurities from your face and encourages your natural glow to shine from within.

glow and shine deeply exfoliates damaged, scarred or unhealthy skin to reveal a smoother complexion. its powerful combination of key ingredients aid in lightening and brightening the dull and uneven-toned face, to bring out the inner glow and shine.

what's good

exfoliates and brightens your face

(note: results will vary from person to person)

Best for

For all skin types and all ages.

How to use

1. Apply a thick layer over your towel-dried face after cleansing. Leave on for 5-10 minutes. Avoid the lip and eye area.
2. Wet your face and neck, then massage gently circular motions.
3. Rinse off with plenty of water.

how to use glow and shine


key ingredients

lactic acid 10% Lactic Acid:
• Refines the look of pores
• Promotes a firming effect on the skin
• Anti-oxidant
• Lightens & whitens skin
papaya enzyme.jpg Papaya Enzyme:
• Exfoliates skin
• Makes pores appear smaller
• Softens & smoothes skin
kaolin Kaolin:
• Controls oil
• Exfoliates skin
• Cleanses deeply
Purified Water (Aqua), Zinc Oxide, Glycerin, Koalin, Hexyldecanol, Silica, Polysorbate 20, Cetearyl Alcohol, Lactic Acid, Stearic Acid, Bentonite, Cetyl Alcohol, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate, Diazolidinyl Urea, Menthyl Lactate, Methylparaben, Papaya Enzyme (Papain), Fragrance, Propylparaben


  • csy:

    I use it on my nose which has large pores. this mask has a minty feel when applying it, it makes me feel fresh. When cleansing it off, I wet my face with water and start massaging the mask away while enjoying the scrubbing feel thanks to its little granules. this mask gave me an instant brightening effect. It also really gave me a smooth feeling on my skin upon effectively minimize my pores, really thanks to Bliv Glow and shine!  

  • Wan Wen :

    This mask once apply i can feel the cooling effect until 10 minutes . It cooling effect for a long time and not like others just feel awhile of the cooling effect. Is very comfortable to use it, after 10 minutes i washed it , my skin feel smooth and fresh. Is very easy to apply and wash it off. Convenient and comfortable product. I wanted to try the deep impact too after this glow and shine.  

  • Louise:

    my skin felt soften & brighter after use this product. Like this mask. remove the dust  

  • Chua:

    After using face smoothen a little abit..however it do leave some white residue  

  • Jay See:

    I have tried many product to exfoliates my skin... glow and shine really soften my skin... i love it so much... it does exactly what it said.. GLOW and SHINE...  

  • Aishah:

    I really love b.liv glow and shine.. it really exfoliates my skin and soften my blackheads.. when i use.. i even felt all my whiteheads pop up and easily to remove... then after cleaning my face i apply face sheet mask to moisture my skin... Definitely my weekly item to use...  

  • Elson:

    Love it :D I use glow and shine at night time after cleanser. It really works well to my skin.  

  • XY:

    I really like this product. It makes my skin glow after I washed it off. My skin also appears brighter and tighter, especially on the nose area where my skin appeared smooth. I always apply a mask after that for better absorption of the mask.  

  • Stephanie:

    This product is very good. After leaving it on for ten minutes I washed it off and my skin felt smoother and looked more radiant. It does feel a bit stingy when I applied it but after a while you get used to the feeling  

  • Eve:

    My skin more soften & brighter after used this product. Clean my blackhead & dead cell effectively. Used once a week at night after cleanser & will end routine with deluge me.  

  • sabrina:

    i really love this product. after use it my skin became smooth and soft.  

  • NG:

    I received this in a small pack when purchase no more shinny face set. The result of this product is amazing, my face is super clean and not oily after use. B.liv product never fail to amaze me!!!  

  • Sofia:

    got this as sample from last purchase. it's a great and gentle exfoliator. just re-ordered this today as now I prefer using scrub mask instead of paper mask  


    Really in love with this one. It has the cooling which is really great! It calm, relax your face. It also can relieve the stress that I have. It's really therapeutic!  

  • pang:

    im 2nd time to use the sample, still feeling good.  

  • Angela:

    It really make a difference after first use of this mask. My face looks brighter and feels cleaner. The pores look finer too. It's a good exfoliator.  

  • Celeste:

    Received this as a birthday gift and it's love at first use! It's incomparable with other scrubs I've used before as it has amazing immediate results. This mask is so refreshing and it cleans my face really well, leaving me a smooth and brightened skin. The blackheads on my nose appeared cleaner (they turned white) and was being softened, making it even easier for manual extraction later. This range of products works very well together with the blackhead range, I just wish I had the consistency in using them because I tend to forget and slack on using something continuously (particularly the blackhead gel, haha). Despite that, it's still a brand that I would recommend to my friends although it's a little bit high in price.  


    I really love this kind of product. my face is glowing after the application of this product. It also has the cooling which i'm really in love with..  

  • pang:

    after used this product, my face seem like smooth, and shrank my pore too, but dont know tomorrow my pore will same with before or not.  

  • pang:

    after used this product, my face seem like smooth, and shrank my pore too, but dont know tomorrow my pore will same with before or not.  

  • Arin:

    I got this as sample. After one time usage, I totally falling in love with this mask. My skin feels smooth and soft. I like the cooling sensation a lot!  

  • Krystal:

    got this in sample size and tried it, cooling effect (no burning feeling). face feels clean after washing off. will purchase full size if there's promotion.  

  • Jasmine:

    Just after use i can see that my face is whiter and more smoother. its have a very nice minty cool like feel after wash and i love it. when washing it feels like it massage all over your face. it feels really clean after washing.  

  • Doris:

    After i tried the sample size of this product it definitely brighten my skins and becomes smoother. It smells good and gives me a nice result. That's why I'm backing here to purchase with B.liv. ;)  

  • X.Li:

    I have used glow and shine around 5-6 times now and I really love it a lot. It has a nice scent that isn't too strong. The beads in it are slightly rougher than what is usually in the product of other brands, but it was what I wanted as it really scrubs away the top most layer of dead skin and leave my skin very smooth after using it.  

  • littlepotato:

    This mask brightens the skin and makes it softer and smoother. It unclogs pores and removes dead skin- -the result is apparent immediately after use. Although I haven't noticed any reduction in pore size, using this mask weekly helps lift the dull-looking skin.  

  • Xi:

    This one is a gentle mask to help shrink pores and clean blackheads. feel really comfort after using. My pore will vanish a while after. WIll recommend this one to my friends  

  • Siew:

    I use this to exfoliate my face before apply deluge me for overnight. It exfoliate effectively yet gentle. Highly recommended.  

  • Starz:

    I totally love this product! Everytime after I used the product, it removes all the impurities, leaving my skin smoother and brighter. Not only that, my beautician commented that she has seen tremendous improvement in the size of my pores!  

  • Jeslyn:

    I have combination and sensitive skin. I use this mask once a week. This mask leaves my skin cool and I don't experience any burning sensation. After leave for around 10 minutes, wash away the mask and I can see my whitehead sit on my nose which I can remove them easily. Besides, I don't feel it dries up and tighten my skin. Definitely a good mask! :)  

  • PooiYeng:

    This is my favorite exfoliating mask. I have been using it for eleven months now. I use it once or twice weekly. I only apply a thin layer, leave on for 5 mins, wet my hand and scrub, wash off and TADAA! Healthy and glowing skin revealed. After exfoliating, I complete my skincare pampering routine with a sheet mask. I feel that after exfoliation, my skin can better absorb all the goodness of the sheet mask. This tube is able to last for a year. So it is definitely worth every penny.  

  • Joycelyn:

    Got this as sample and I really love to apply this scrub mask after whole day of skincare/make-up. My skin feels smooth and soft after just single usage! You need to clean your face thoroughly before applying any facial products for better result/absorption. Will purchase this product soon!  

  • Shannel:

    This is another product from b.liv which I really love! I have a dull bumpy dry pimple skin and I came to know of this product. After just 2 to 3 usage I can really see my skin became brighter and my pimples became smaller and my bumps are lesser now. This product is highly recommended.  

  • rachael:

    This is an awesome mask! It makes your skin feel so cool and smooth after one time usage! I like the cooling feeling a lot! I use it once a week and after that I put a silky mask~ My skin become like a baby skin one day after! Bliv, you're amazing!  

  • Stephanie:

    Glow and Shine is my weekly routine. It helps to scrub away impurities leaving skin softer, smoother and brighter!  


    Let me think the most favorite place is the flavor of product, a kind of fruit aroma, very special, is the general mask products all have no! I itself attaches great importance to the sense of smell, it smells smelly or eccentric protect skin to taste is absolutely can't use... Trial result is good, and his face became bright and white, the skin becomes tender! In general, this mask is good, although it is frosted but is relatively mild to skin.  

  • Cat:

    Fortunately, it is a small scrub mask, a bit sting on face, however, my skin is sotf and fresh after all. NICE!!  

  • sheng:

    my skin is sensitive ,so I have been use scrub mask before, I have a friend told me it good for her , her face is sensitive too . so I tried it and feel not bad . now I use it once a week.  

  • R:

    love the smell. my skin looked brighter and my pores are smaller after use this mask. it is easy to apply and wash off.  

  • Bonnie:

    smell good and very gentle. the effect is not bad. make my skin smooth.  

  • CiCi:

    This product is really effective for oily skin. I am so happy that I bought this product. First of all, I really really love its smell. It smells really good. It also works for oil control on my face. After I put a thick layer on my face for 5-10 mins,I usually wet my face first and use the small grains contained to exfoliate a little bit. After washing it thoroughly, my skin is just feeling so smooth and soft, and looks so clean and radiant. This mask only takes five to ten minutes, it is a quick refresh mask for busy people, very convenient to use. Recommend people with oily skin to buy it. Try it and you will get surprised.  

  • Happy Customer :):

    This is my first b.liv product and I am very happy with it. Been using it on a weekly basis for a couple of months now and have noticed a reduction in the size of my pores. This is good at scrubbing dry skin and making my skin very smooth without over-drying . Would highly recommend  

  • Elsa:

    My first purchase with b.liv, it really give me a lot satisfaction. as the instruction mentioned to have a thick layer, so i applied a thick layer, after i wash it off, i feel that all my whitehead is 'float' up on my pore, it is remove easily however I was dislike it initially due to the outcome. My whole face is very oily as all the whitehead is 'float' on top of the pore. However, my face become very bright the next day when i wake up and no redness even though I squeeze the whitehead the night before. Therefore, i decide to give it another try after a week. The 2nd time, i tried a thin layer which it turn up a very good result and still have some whitehead as well, but not as tight and oily. Well, i think you need to shake it before use. As my product comes out with clear fluid without shaking. I think more instruction is needed for this product.  

  • Alice:

    I would certainly recommend this mask to my friends! It does a good job of exfoliating your face and leaves it clean after u wash it off. You can tell the difference from the first time. My face is brighter and looks more radiant. And its also smoother now. However, as far as my pores are concerned, there is still no visible difference yet - probably because it's only my first time using the mask. One more thing, after you wash off the mask its so easy to squeeze the blackheads! I love this mask!  

  • Triston Liu (United States):

    My Likes: -Beads felt pleasant on the skin -Product's faint fragrance smelled fresh but not overwhelming -Smooth, creamy formula was consistent and easy to apply -Strong cleaning power -Skin felt soft, smooth and fresh after use -Easy to wash off   Read More

  • The Sunday Girl (United Kingdom):

    Now the mask does warn that it may tingle the skin but in my two weeks of testing it didn't tingle my skin in the slightest but rather I found it soothing. The concept behind this mask is that it lightens and brightens the skin hopefully fading any scarring or redness your skin may have, while the beads buff your skin to a soft and supple state with a lovely little glow. All of which I agree from the first application I found my skin to be calmed, softer and definitely had a lovely glow without the aide of make-up. It cleansed, buffed and lightened any red marks with such ease. Although it does have to be said as wonderful as this mask is it did nothing for the size or appearance of my pores oddly I thought I would be disappointed but I'm not as it more than exceed my expectations in the other fields of purpose!   Read More

  • Robb Chew (Malaysia):

    Glow and Shine is a weekly mask which aims to smoothen your skin. It helps exfoliate damaged, scarred or unhealthy skin, to reveal the smooth, flawless complexion lurking within. Yes, all of us have a flawless complexion hidden somehow, but some of us didn't bother to bring it out, that's all. It's pretty easy to use too.   Read More

  • Shu Hui:

    It's my first b.liv product! After reading about b.liv on a random magazine, I was persuaded by the good reviews and decided to try it out! I was pretty amazed after my first try of the product. I have big pores on my noses and many blackheads and whiteheads. After my first try, I can immediately feel that my skin was softer, and the blackheads and whiteheads are less obvious. My skin felt tight, and the pores are cleaner and smaller. Skin was also brighter and fairer. In conclusion, I would rate it 9/10. Its definitely worth the price, especially if you buy through this website (so much cheaper than retail shops!). It solves my problematic skin and I'm definitely gonna continue using it!  

  • Jessie (USA):

    This is a review made by echoli on youtube.  

  • Nee (Canada):

    ...I use this once a week. It's very much like a clay mask. The first time I used it, I applied such a thick layer that it made my face extremely dry and tight. Afterward, I started using less of it and dryness was no longer an issue. The mask gave instant results! After washing it off my face, my skin looked brighter and smoother. I've been using this and the Shrink and Tighten serum and I can say that my pores have visibly reduced in size...   Read More

  • Socialite Dreams (United States):

    ...I will be completely honest and say that I do not generally remember to use a face mask. My level of consistency with using this was horrible, but I did like it the few times that I did have a lightbulb go off and say "duh, add this on!". My pores appeared to be smaller and tighter, so I will have to remember to use it more often as I really liked it! My memory needs to be better, wish that it could work on that lol. ...   Read More

  • Lipstick Addict (Philippines):

    ...This is my most favorite product among all three because it really made my skin glow literally right after using this. You use this once a week as a leave on mask and my skin felt so clean after rinsing it with water. The texture is easy to spread, it has micro beads embedded on it and has a minty feel. It only takes 15 minutes to use this stuff to reveal smooth and glowing skin...   Read More

  • Emily (Singapore):

    ...Overview: Glow and Shine is a clay scrub mask with exfoliating beads. It deep cleanses and polishes the skin to bring out its inner glow and shine. After Use: I use it once a week. This mask removes dead skins, unclogs pores, minimizes pores and gives skin a beautiful glow after using. My verdict? I think they are worth a try, especially if you have oily skin and/or clogged pores. I would rate them 9/10.   Read More

  • Evonnz (Singapore):

    ...   Read More

  • Chelle (Australia):

    ...It is like a clay mask with little beads. It smells divine   Read More

  • Dawn Yang (Singapore):

    ...I use Glow and Shine twice a week, applying a thick layer all over my face, then leaving it on for about 10 minutes. After that, I massage with a little bit of water. This is where the exfoliating action takes place and you can feel the beads working it   Read More

  • Nicolekiss (Malaysia):

    ...Glow and d Shine is a very unique clay mask that works in a way when after 10 minutes, you wet your mask and start massaging into your skin. You will feel many little particles exfoliating your skin as your massage. It   Read More

  • Tey Cindy (Malaysia):

    ...Glow and Shine mask deep cleanses, polishes and moisturizes your skin. For those who apply makeup often like me, this is made for you. This fruity clay also lightens and brightens the dull and uneven toned face, bringing out the inner glow and shine of your face...   Read More

  • Hazelhearts (Singapore):

    ...Glow and Shine - An exfoliating mask that deeply scrubs away flaws & imperfections, to reveal a smooth & noticeable complexion within. It also brightens up the dull & uneven-toned face...  

  • Jaq (Singapore):

    ...It has a little tingling sensation when you apply Glow and Shine on your face though! And don't be surprised if you feel little beads as well. All for removing those stubborn heads and clean your pores thoroughly. =) I like it also because it is non-drying. Even though it is of clayish texture, my face didn't feel like clay after I wash it off...   Read More

  • Lane (Singapore):

    ...What I like about Glow and Shine was that it had a cooling effect when I first applied it on and the papaya enzyme did not irritate my skin at all. This cooling mask did not really have much effect on existing scars but it does a good job of whitening the skin in my opinion. I would recommend that this product be used when your skin has not had any exfoliation for a few days. I used it after a scrub and it was a little stingy. That   Read More

  • Julie (Canada):

  • Kell (United States):

  • Zoe (Thailand):

  • Jess (Malaysia):

  • Millie Yip (Canada):

    ...I like Glow and Shine because it doubles as an exfoliator (there are micro beads in the mask). After the time is up, you add a bit of water and massage it around your skin before rinsing. This is the only product that provided immediate results. Some of the crap on the side of my nose was pulled out with the mask and was sitting on top of my skin   Read More

  • From (Malaysia):

    The pale lilac-coloured cream smells of artificial grape flavouring and while I  

  • Blair from (Malaysia):

    I like the cooling sensation that it gives. Glow and Shine just feels like any other wash off mask/scrub   Read More

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