How to save your skin from Halloween Makeup

How to save your skin from Halloween Makeup

How to save your skin from Halloween Makeup

Getting caught up in the hype of Halloween can spell disaster for those of us who maintain a good sense of skin care. Especially for those who go all out and plan a full makeover – stage makeup and all. The problem with stage makeup is that it is heavily pigmented therefore heavy in texture and are often comedogenic. This means clogged pores are just around the corner!

Protect and prime beforehand

To survive the night and ensure your skin is protected - both from Zombies and Zits – we recommend caring for your skin by using a non-comedogenic and a moisturizing primer. The primer will seal your pores ensuring it won’t get clogged by make-up… or blood. We recommend b.liv’s cc pores away to that not only protects your skin, it corrects your skin tone and texture.

Wash off the right way
Should you survive the night, try not to pass out without removing your makeup. Tip of the day is that to remove stubborn stage makeup / decorations, try using toothpaste or baby oil PRIOR to your usual makeup remover. This will help loosen any resistant / waterproof/ zombie-proof makeup while the regular makeup remover will take care of the rest. Finish off with a pH-balanced cleanser and a hydrating toner. b.liv’s deep impact deep cleanser delves deep to expel dirt and debris and gently but effectively exfoliates and clarifies your skin.

Re-hydrate after
Remember, your body needs hydration too so stay on the h2o during the night and next couple of days. It’s also a good idea to replenish your skin with a moisturizing mask and we recommend b.liv’s iconic immerse me that provides instant hydration and lasting moisturization. Your skin will thank you!

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