Blackheads removal solutions and alternatives

Blackheads removal solutions and alternatives

Blackheads removal solutions and alternatives

Having problems with blackheads? Looking for the right product? It may be a challenging task given the variety of products in the market. Let’s evaluate some of the common methods of blackheads removal.

Pore strips are very popular as it is fast, easy and economical. Admit it – you love the instant gratification of seeing all the gunk getting pull out of the skin. Word of caution though – pore strips only remove superficial blackheads i.e. what’s on the surface. As it requires a peeling action, you may get rid of more than just the impurities. The strip may also remove the natural oils from your skin. This can lead to incorrect signals sent to your gland to increase oil secretion and potentially, triggering breakouts.

Sebum gel is a more gentle solution for blackheads removal as it works through the skin layers rather than surface. This way, there is less chance of the blackheads reappearing as the root causes have been purged. Sebum gel penetrates deep into our pores to soften and dissolve clogged materials. Blackheads are cleared naturally and painlessly.

Up next is the peel mask, which is available commercially or can be whipped up at home (DIY home remedies). Peel masks may cause some slight discomfort or even pain. Homemade remedies might have more good-for-your-skin nutrients that will not harm your skin as you determine the ingredients.

Last but not least, there’s always the option of squeezing which could risk tearing the pores walls and cause bacteria to spread to the surrounding tissue. Not recommended unless it is done under sanitized conditions and by professionals.

Choose one that works best for your skin.

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