Finding a Product

Find the product you need by using the Search function. Click on the Search button which is located at the upper right corner on every page, then enter the keyword.

1. Finding products – using the search function

Click on the Search button located in the upper right corner in every page to find the exact product that you need if you know exactly what you want.

  1. Key in the exact product name [Off With Those Heads] / [Sebum Gel] if you know the product name.
  2. Key in the category that you are looking for [cleanser] / [toner]
  3. Key in the product by its function [blackheads cleanser] / [large pores moisturizer]
  4. Key in a specific ingredient name to look for products that contain it


2. Finding products – best seller

If you need recommendations on our best sellers choose from our list of Best Seller located under Highlights on the main navigation.


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