Managing Account Activity

Each time you visit our site, you should immediately login. The login button is available at the top right corner of every page.

Please take note that the login information will be your email address. Our site only accept one email address login.

Orders Summary

All your previous and latest order information is stored here.

  • View Order: view details of your order. You are able to print out your order details once you click View Order
  • Reorder: a product you ordered previously will be added into your shopping cart
  • Tracking Number : Only “completed” order status comes with a tracking number; click on the tracking number and you will be able to trace your parcel.
  • Definition of “order status”:
Payment Review Payment under reviewed.
Processing Your order has been confirmed and we are in the midst of processing it.
Completed We have shipped your order. Look for your order tracking code under Tracking # column, click on it and track your parcel.
Pending We have yet to process your order.
Suspected Fraud Your payment method may have been recently reported as fraud. You will be contacted for more detailed payment information.
Refund You have requested for a refund on this order.

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Product Reviews Summary

All product reviews you submitted is listed here.

Submission date Date you submitted your review(s)
Product Product that you reviewed. You may click on the product and go to the product page
Status Status of your review
  • Approved – your review is approved and you have earned 200 Reward Points in your account. Click Reward Points Summary for more information
  • Pending Approval – your review is pending approval. Please take note that it may take up to 7 business days for approval. You may tick the notify box if you wish to receive email on your approved reviews.
Rating Your rating on this product
Review Detail Your review description

If you wish to delete or amend any of your reviews, please contact us

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Gift Vouchers Summary


You may check your Gift Voucher value or balance here.

  • Enter your Gift Voucher code, click Check Balance
    You may see results of Gift Voucher Code, Balance and Expiry Date


All your received Gift Vouchers will be shown here as well:

Code The Gift Voucher code to be used during checkout
Balance The value of the Gift Voucher
Expiry Date All Gift Voucher has a standard 365-day expiration from purchase date, unless stated otherwise.


More details under Gift Voucher ›

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Reward Points Summary


Important Notice: Our reward point programme has officially discontinued on 1 Jan 2017.

Don’t fret! We will continue to reward our loyal customers with exciting promotions and irresistible offers. Subscribe and be the first to know!


You may check your latest Reward Points status here, for both Approved and Pending.

There will be two tables displaying your total earned points and spent points.

Points earned Reward Points per transaction
Date Date when you earned the points
Comment How your points are earned (see below for definition)
Status Status of your points
  • Approved – your Reward Points are approved and redemption can be made anytime!
  • Pending – we are in the midst of approving your Reward Points. Please take note that it may take up to 5 business days for approval.
  • Cancelled – order transaction unsuccessful


Comments on how the Reward Points are earned:-

  • Purchases
  • Reviews on products
  • ­Subscribe to newsletter
Points spent Reward Points per transaction
Date Date when you spent the points
Comment Points spent on purchases
Status Status of your points
  • Approved – your Reward Points are approved and successfully redeemed.
View details Click to view detail for your Reward Points spending activity.

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