Using a Gift Voucher


1. How to redeem Gift Voucher?

When you receive a b•liv e-gift voucher, locate your claim code which comes in alpha-numeric format.

To redeem the e-gift voucher:

  • At the one page checkout, you will see an e-gift voucher box under the Payment method.
  • Enter the e-gift voucher code and click Apply for new amount. Tick the box and enter the e-gift voucher code. Then click Add Gift Voucher.
  • If the amount of the e-gift voucher does not cover the total order amount, you will need to pay the remainder of the purchase.
  • If the amount of the Gift Voucher is more than the total order amount, the balance will be remain in the Gift Voucher. You may use the same Gift Voucher code for next purchase.
  • Complete the checkout process by clicking Place Order Now, you have successfully redeemed your Gift Voucher!

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2. Can I redeem few e-gift vouchers in one cart?

Yes. Once you have completed shopping, enter each of your Gift Voucher code at the column and click Add Gift Voucher, until you have fully utilized all your Gift Vouchers. New amount will be reflected at the Grand Total row.

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3. How do I check the e-gift voucher value?

To check your e-gift voucher value:

  • Login or Register an account go to My Account, select gift voucher.

­ You will see a list of e-gift voucher Code, Balance, Status and Expiry Date.

­ Definition of different status:

Pending e-gift voucher is pending for approval. Please take note that approval shall take up to 24 hours.
Active e-gift voucher is still active.
Disabled e-gift voucher has been disabled by our sites. Please contact for further assistance.
Used e-gift voucher has been used
Expired e-gift voucher has expired


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4. Is the e-gift voucher entitled for Reward Points?

Yes, based on the following table:

USD $1 3 points

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5. I have entered the e-gift voucher code but I wish to checkout without using my e-gift voucher balance, what should I do?

You cannot cancel the Gift Voucher code you had applied. If you do not wish to redeem the Gift Voucher, you need to

  • Clear your cart by clicking “delete” on all products in your cart; or
  • Log Out from your account
  • Login to your account
  • Go to your desired products and click Add to Cart
  • Complete the shopping process without entering any of your e-gift voucher codes.

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6. How fast should I claim my Gift Voucher?

Purchased e-gift vouchers have an expiry date of 365 days from date of purchase. e-gift vouchers from bliv has a stated expiration date, usually 1 - 2 months.

If you received the e-gift voucher from the Company, login to your account to check the expiry date if any.

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7. Important notice when you are using your Gift Voucher?

  • The Gift Voucher is not cash; it is non-refundable, or redeemable for cash
  • We cannot replace lost or stolen e-gift voucher
  • There might be duties or value-added taxes (VATs) when the Gift Voucher is used. These charges are the responsibility of the package recipient who will be billed by our courier services upon delivery
  • You cannot purchase a e-gift voucher with another e-gift voucher.

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