bright is right

bright is right

10pcs (without packaging box)

Dullness Cessation Original Japan Silk Mask

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bright is right 1pc
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Chase away clouds that darken your complexion; leaving it glowing, even-toned and worthy of admirations!

Bright is right miraculously lightens your complexion and heightens its reflective properties by refining and smoothening skin texture, ensuring skin glows with a new transparency. Its Nano-Pearl Protein regulates pigmentation and revitalizes your skin, while its moisture-retaining ingredients provide instant hydration.


• Restore skin's radiance and lighten skin
• Nourish the skin and makes it softer, finer, brighter and smoother
• Accelerate the skin's natural process of shedding dead skin cells and replace them with new ones revealing a pure, fresh and healthy-looking skin.
• Provide instant hydration and help skin preserve its optimum moisture balance.

Best for

For all skin types, especially for dehydrated, dull and hyperpigmented skin (all ages).

How to use

1. Leave the mask for 20-30 minutes.
2. Use the product immediately after opening.

how to use bright is right



100% black pearl 100 % pure Black Pearl:
• An oriental beauty tonic which helps restore skin radiance, lightens skin discoloration and makes skin softer, smoother and finer.
silk protein Silk Protein:
• A naturally hydroscopic material which has excellent moisture binding qualities to condition and hydrate the skin.
camu camu extract Camu Camu Extract:
• Has anti-aging properties;
• Boosts the synthesis of collagen to firm and smooth skin
• Restores the radiance of the skin
Water (Aqua), Butylene Glycol, 1,3-Propanediol, Glycerin, Niacinamide, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Cellulose, Isopropyl Alcohol, Chlorphenesin, Xanthan Gum, Propylene Glycol, Silkworm Extract, Black Pearl (Hydrolyzed Conchiolin Protein), Methylparaben, Ananas Sativus (Pineapple) Fruit Extract, Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract, Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin), Potassium Glycyrrhizinate, PPG-26-Buteth-26, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate), Lecithin, Fragrance


  • Tian:

    The mask can actualy brighten your skin toner. I am working infront of computer all 10hours+so I have a very yellow skin tone.I start to use it from last month, and I can actually see my skin gets whitter. and its not too expensive too.  

  • YC:

    This mask has become my regular mask throughout the summer. It does lighten up my face even after just one use! I also like that its very moisturizing for summer, which is rare for whitening products because they usually dry my skin out. The price is very lovely too. Highly recommended!  

  • Cat:

    I been used a while. Pretty good feeling and bright up my skin~~ love it so much  


    Mask is very thin but will not break, the quality is good, many elite fluid. On the second day after using the skin slippery is very moist, comfortable, feel acne also becomes weak. The skin to absorb quickly, long-term use should have the effect.  

  • May:

    A great cooling, whitening and very effective result mask. excellent value and plenty of serum in the pack to use over the hands and neck. this is my favourite mask on the market. after using the mask leaves your skin feeling cool and soft effect. no stickiness at all like some other brands. love this product. would recommend to you all that likes using whitening product.  

  • sheng:

    I finished my last piece (bright is right) mask , After two month i used it, my face looks so smooth and white,I so love this mask , so I want to buy it again  

  • HU:

    This mask can cover my face perfectly. The serum is enough and I can keep the mask for so long time. The serum in bag can be used on neck and hand. After tow weeks I used this mask, my skin looks bright. Love it very much.  

  • Mask Diva:

    Just finished my Dull Cessation beauty mask treatment and my face is rejuvenated after 30mins! The result... my face is whiter, very hydrated and rejuvenated! Nice price for a good quality mask like this one!  

  • Ahleessa:

    This is a great mask! Not only was I impressed it came with a lot of serum (used the extra for neck and chest), it improved my skin. My skin looked younger, it glowed, and less noticeable wrinkles and pores.   Read More

  • Johnsen:

    This is the Mask. It comes in the single one time use pouch. You un-peel the mask and place on your face, smoothing out the area. The mask is very wet and weighs down, so I recommend laying back and relaxing while you wear it for the 20-30 minutes. Instantly, I felt a tingling in my skin and it smelled beautiful. This was a very relaxing mask that I enjoyed and would definitely do again! I could feel a difference in that my skin felt soft, hydrated, and a continued tingly feeling. I noticed that my laugh-lines where smoothed out to! b-liv, Bright is Right comes 7 per a box at $15.00. WOW, this is a great price! This is not a mask you would do every day. I would personally want to do it weekly, and for 15 bucks I will be getting more.   Read More

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