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mask addiction

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Mask Addiction is a collection of 10 assorted facial mask with different formulations to improve your skin tone and complexion. It’s best to use these sparingly to avoid clogging up the pores.

• get pampered by 1 day 1 sheet mask
• best for gifts
Skin Reviving Biological Mask

glow & glory is a quick way to perk up your skin by providing an active hydration boost and fortifying skin’s vital functions. Its skin-loving brightening agents enhance skin fairness and even out the skin tone. Repairing and regenerating, skin looks lit from within, refined, re-plumped, and visibly younger. Luxury never felt so good.

• Reduce grey veil, unevenness and discolourations.
• Increase the skin’s light capacity
• Reviving and relaxing
• Helps maintain skin’s natural renewal cycle to its optimum condition

moisturizing mask

A 3-in-1 hydrating mask, Leach Me moisturizes your skin, prevents signs of aging from appearing and restores your healthy glow. Bursting with natural fruity ingredients, this mask quickly penetrates your skin to nourishes it. Your lines will refine, your dryness will vanish, and the mirror will reveal a beaming face once again!

• Long term deep moisturizing
• Retains & replenishes moisture
• Age prevention
• Anti-oxidant & anti-bacterial
• Lightening & whitening effect

Oxygen repairing mask

Oxy-Genius nourishes the skin's deepest layers with oxygen while boosting the cell regeneration process - making it an excellent tool in rejuvenation and hydration. Its soothing ingredients put all irritations and sensitivity to sleep - ensuring that soft, smooth and healthy skin is yours to keep!

• Its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties calm irritation, redness and burning sensations.
• Helps heal red, rough, damaged or weakened skin.
• Tones and rejuvenates the complexion.
• Provides instant hydration and helps skin preserve its optimum moisture balance.

fine line stoppage original japan silk mask

This multi-purpose mask prevents the appearance of fine lines, firms up your skin and gives you a natural glow you can. 100% pure acetyl hexapeptide-8

• Deeply nourishes and hydrates skin.
• Prevents premature aging.
• Evens the skin tone and lightens dark spots .
• Has a brightening effect.

Pearl brightening mask

Bright is right restores skin's radiance by refining and smoothening the texture of the skin. Its 100% pure Japanese Nano-Pearl Powder, a source of amino acids and minerals, regulates pigmentation and revitalizes your skin, while its moisture-retaining ingredients provide instant hydration.

• Deeply nourishes and hydrates skin
• Prevents premature aging
• Evens the skin tone and lightens dark spots
• Has a brightening effect

Oil Control + Clarifying + Hydrating

Don’t get mad at bothersome oil/shine, get matte! Absolute Matte helps combat excess sebum and control surface shine while purifying and refreshing your complexion. Unlike any other, it uses active charcoal mask sheet that acts like a magnet to draw out deep-dwelling pore-cloggers so you can experience hours & hours of TLC your skin deserves..

• Regulate sebum secretion and stimulate skin regeneration
• Combat excess sebum
• Control surface shine while clarifying the complexion
• Exfoliants to lift away impurities

Deeply moisturizes skin

This moisturizing mask covers your skin with a generous boost of hydration! Immerse me acts like a balm for parched and dry complexion as it gets absorbed in a blink of an eye and makes sure your skin's longing hydration will never turn tail. Its nourishing essences shoo away the dryness and replenish moisture into the deeper layers of your skin. So, why not make it an everyday affair?

• Provides instant hydration
• Helps skin preserve its optimum moisture balance
• Improves skin water retaining ability and provides long lasting hydration

blemish treatment mask

This treatment mask calms down redness and irritation caused by acne and protects fragile skin against external acne-causing factors. With Kick Spots Out is now simple and effortless to control oil secretion and to shield your skin from irritants. It also helps to prevent future breakouts and deeply moisturizes the skin.

• Treats acne & fades scars
• Helps skin to exfoliate
• Controls oil
• Unclogs pores

Prevents aging signs

This rejuvenating mask drowns your face in antioxidants and cell-revitalizing nutrients that pave the way for a younger and more vibrant looking skin! Feel No Sluggish invigorates your skin with its fruity essences and jazzes up that dull face while leaving you looking oh-so-gorgeous and absolutely radiant once again! Every day is a new day to feel no sluggish!

• Encourage the regeneration of skin tissue to ensure skin looks healthy and young.
• Hydrates and nourishes the skin.
• Delays multiple signs of aging.
• Provides antioxidant protection to prevent skin from free-radical damages and signs of pre-mature aging.

Caviar nourishing mask

This masks gradually fades away all signs of dermal age and decay thus promoting a hydrated, silky- smooth skin. Knock Off Age pampers skin cells with a luxurious Caviar Extract that helps cells regenerate and rejuvenate. A vibrant, firm and plump skin will re-emerge!

• Caviar Extract stimulates cell regeneration and has powerful restorative properties
• Rebuilds, re-plumps and re-firms the skin, resulting in a refined texture and a youthful look
• Nourishes and energizes the skin
• Provides instant hydration and helps the skin preserve its optimum moisture balance.

Best for

all skin type

How to use

1. Leave the mask for 20-30 minutes.
2. Use the product immediately after opening




  • reesha:

    I bought Mask Addiction the other day as I would like to try out the other masks instead of using my usual favourites which are Immerse Me and Feel No Sluggish. I've tried Leach Me and it is moisturising and hydrating. Love the effect! There are different masks for you to try and from there, you will know which masks suit the needs of your skin. It is a great package which you can share different masks with your friends and family. Love the packaging and would like to see similar limited edition masks package in the future.  

  • Sofia:

    as it named, this product is addictive as you could try nearly all of the b.liv masks in one purchase. though some descriptions on the box does confused me (like the functions descriptions of several masks, what is the difference between "moisturizing" and "hydration"?).. still, I found absolute matte and glow & glory work well on me. so, if you found b.liv's products do work on your skin too, then you may try this mask mix once, then you will know which product(s) suit you the most!  

  • Jeevananda:

    bliv ( dont get mad get matte ) face mask its really work out. my problem *blackheads *black spot has really gone in just 3 week i have tryed a lot of products thats not can compared with this product its really cool   Read More

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